Trade Marketing

Strictly linked to all the Barter Activities and crossed with Media Planning and Media Buying operations, our Trade Marketing unit contribute to the effectiveness of the general marketing actions,  through pushing ventures on the final client for the sale of the goods.

If you think that marketing is first of all a connection between a company and its consumers, the trade marketing by MediaXchange makes the same for distributors and dealers.

With our Trade Marketing activities, we propose our clients to increase the possibilities of success in trading and support them during their business development.

We complete our ATL operations (pure advertising and media buying) with BTL strategies to sustain trading activities: we fix the distribution channels for the products (e-commerce, retailers and so on), then we spread the communication on field to promote sales and improve performances.

We are talking about real trading strategies that support those already planned by the company and by the communication plan.

The job is done in total transparency: the client has visibility to the operations developped by MediaXchange and the channels selected, so that the allignment between the client and MediaXchange is immediately done.

Trade Marketing follows 100% all the values and rules that steer our work in the market and make the difference between our reality and the others. This is part of our solid positioning.