Local ADV

Out of Home billboards, digital & mobile tools, radio, tv, cinema and press advertising: the focus is on single markets and local opportunities.

We buy and plan local media:we study local plans to optimize the investments and get more performance. This is the best solution, when the client needs to go deep into the field he operates in, sharing the messages by presence and focus.

The local advertiser gives his best in geolocalization: he exploits the penetration of local media to reach the audience right where it lives and moves.

Have you ever thought to cover a whole Nielsen area with local and tactical activities, optimizing your budget at the same time? What if you could spread your message on the whole national area, starting from micro-areas to reach each target one-to-one?

Even if you need tactical or strategical activities, we can offer the best solutions by selecting leading partners and editors for the local adv.