Digital Advertising & Mobile Marketing

Campagne pubblicitarie digitale mobile

Smart intelligence in a new world.

Welcome to a new era: the digital advertising world, with neverending potentials and limitless skills in integrating other media.

MediaXchange makes easier the relationship between the editors and the websites on which the advertising is planned, as we delete all the brokers steps.

Moreover, thanks to the programmatic platform, we can optimize the online advertising campaign in terms of costs and target involvement. The result, is a maximized campaign.

Once you pinpoint the best tools and channels, i twill be easy to reach the users in target, thanks to the D.M.P. (data management platforms).

MediaXchange’s digital vision: digital as main character, but also subsidiary.

Display banner and special formats, pre-roll and viral videos, content marketing, retargeting, google adwords, social networks, digital PR, dem, sms.

And when the digital advertising is not enough, it’s time for mobile advertising!

  1. 47% of italian users, 18 – 74, y. Connects to www by (Audiweb, 2015)
  2. People look at their smartphone med. 150 times/day (Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers’s, 2015)
  3. 35% of italians watch the smartphone in 5 minutes from the awakening (Deloitte, 2014)
  4. The data flow made by the interaction between users with smartphone has crossed 700 mb in 2014 to 5 gb in 2015 (Comscore, 2015)

Geolocation allows you to reach the target, which is always connected, any time and anywhere for an instant call to action. Moreover, thanks to the geolocalized digital operations, it’s possible to empower the effetiveness of local plans: we use the best tools to plan the communication to the specific target, in a simple and useful way.

  • Immediacy and speed for the analysis and management of the campaign
  • Adjustment of the strategy “just in time”, to maximize the final result
  • Deep geotargeting of the audience until the GPS coordinate
  • Innovation of the pplanning using the most innovative and technologic resources