Ooh and Billboards

Outdoor advertising: in the right place, to all the moving target

Basing on the goals and visibility, timing and coverage needs, we give support in planning the best tools on the market, for quality and strategy.

We exploit all the strong points of these tools, to maximize the campaign final results.

With our support in planning your out of home advertising you can:

  • decide the scope for this activity.
  • choose the best place to put your message, basing on events and special situation (i.e. by exhibitions).
  • communicate in different moments without forcely doing a global communication for everything at the same period of the year.

We provide several interesting opportunities for your out of home communication:

  • Billboards in the city center and by the highway service-areas
  • Digital billboards
  • Street advertising
  • Big impact billboards
  • Maxi billboard
  • Advertising on public transports
  • Special projects on demand
  • Display, sampling

The billboards we select are the best for quality and position. This way, we can guarantee a flawless communication, clear, and spectacular.

Naturally Integrated: DOS “Digital & Outdoor Synergie”

It’s so easy to spread the same message both on offline and on digital&mobile media. This is not the future: this is actual.

The external advertising catch by nature the wide moving target, but this is not the end of the story: it can be the first signal that naturally brings to something else.

Exploiting all the potential of the outdoor tools, you can establish the yearning by the people, to learn more. The process lies in pushing activities by outdoor media and in an integrated digital activity that allows to catch spontaneously the public that, once he has seen the outdoor communication, wants to look for more information on web (and also by mobile, immediately).

If you are able to put your message strategically on the most innovative outdoor and online tools, it’s possible to get more power from your communication in terms of effect.

A New Frontier: DOOH “Digital Out of Home”

When you have the possibility to share more than a message in loop with a far out tool, that can be structured in a network if necessary: tradition, innovation and interaction in advertising, that’s what we call “digital out of home”. Inside the malls, by the railways, at the airport, at the bus stop or on the walls: many possibilities at you full disposal. Fascinate and touch your target is more and more easy and involving.