Many food companies are valid players on global markets. With the right communication, the goods can be more and more enhanced.

MediaXchange, thanks to the cooperation with big and small brands, has a strong sensibility in planning advertising for food & beverage players. The long expertise in global and local media planning for food companies, in trading goods by barter trade and the experience of Expo 2015 make MediaXchange a perfect partner to manage adv campaigns.

We also develop and manage co-marketing, co-branding, trade & communication strategic operations. We know large retailers, we can manage goods and this makes us different from other suppliers.
To work with MediaXchange means to work with a reliable partner for the tailor-suited media planning and corporate barter operations. This can eventually also solve stock issues in a fast way.
You can also bring your communication strategy to a local level: this means you can consider and respect the specific territorial features, exploiting all their potential in a total respect of the investments.

Several companies have chosen MediaXchange to optimize adv campaigns: for this reason and thanks to our strong key-values, we can support both our clients, media centers and creative agencies to increase the ROI, by offering complementary tools and optimize the budget to reach the goals.

Clear communication

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