Impact Network in Rome: Out of Home solutions

Maxi billboards in Rome

MediaXchange solves the famous problem of OOH implants in Rome by expanding its successful offer on the territory.

In Rome MediaXchanges adds a new impactful maxi billboard circuit able to offer the maximum impact in terms of visibility and effect. This way the messages can reach the selected target in a clear, visible, dominant and at the same time polite way. Consistent with the historic heritage of the city.

All the billboards are positioned on high-traffic roads that connects the center to the most important streets. Blind walls  on the station area, out of home implants near bypass, billboards next to shopping zones and universities: the most relevant connections are available for clients that don’t want to renounce to an impactful communication on one of the most highly trafficked cities in Italy.

If you want to reach potential customers on public transport, on taxi, on car or by foot in Rome, MediaXchange can offer you a spectacular OOH circuit.

The news is duly reported on page 33 of the today’s edition of Daily Media.