MediaXchange works from A to Z, at a nazional and international level. That’s why we can develop a media offer, mixing it in a real effective planning.

Several players moves in electronics and MediaXchange can support each of them by developping communication campaigns, marketing operations and business increase.

From telecommunications to IT, through photography: we work with precision for each campaign, tactical and strategic. Moreover, electronics are one of the best market to deepen with Corporate Barter: media bartering fits perfectly to an advertising campaign and, by barter, you can open new channels for the trading. Both retails and e-commerce guarantees 100% performance, alligning each operation to the policy and internal guidelines.

MediaXchange supports the client to make sure that he can get the best in terms of performance, goals and brand positioning. Even more, by integrating the media campaign with media barter, you can take advantage from alternative sales of products and solve overstock problems.

MediaXchange chooses for you the best tools to spread your message, exploits all the potential of barter trade and advertising barter, integrates offline and online tools on demand and catch the attention of your target when and where they are.