MediaXchange’s specialists in public communication offer the right support to those institution who needs to promote local marketing activities and information.

The sensitivity of this market and the quality you have to respect in spreading the messages requires a specific sensibility in managing the communication: you have to keep the attention very high and be effective at the same time. MediaXchange chooses the mediamix respecting the guidelines and the transparency dued. This way, we can give the right resonation and exposure by the audience.

MediaXchange’s specialists respects for each steps the discipline with which the public communication should be managed. The potential of the message is fully exploited: we choose the right tools and put the advertising on the most suitable channels, to make the information hit the audience. Moreover, the opportunity to integrate offline media (press adv, tv adv, cinema and out of home advertising) with online tools and digital marketing makes you get the best result in terms of spread and local breakthrough.

Media buying is managed at a local level, respecting the needs and the regional features together with the national ones. For institutions, MediaXchange is reliable partner and valid media agency and let the Public Institution use all the experience got in over 10 years: we can count on several case histories, first of all the one of Lombardia Region in ATI with Starcom and EXPO 2015.