This unit is dedicated to onlus and no profit companies.

No profit includes Onlus Organization and No profit authorities, so those companies that develop activities for the common good. Considering the extreme sensitivity of this business, the duties as well as the opportunities, our specialists give the right support by planning awareness campaigns.

MediaXchange’s network increases the opportunity to create synergies between companies that act in different markets and areas: this allows to make sinergic and specific operations of Corporate Social Responsibility. MediaXchange’s specialists manage perfecty co-marketing and co-branding operations, gift in kind, fund raising, sponsorships, pro-bono events, integrated multi-channel campaigns, to spread the communication and help companies in developping their CSR choices.

MediaXchange believes in the values of Onlus and join activities for the research and concession of free advertising issues: this is a real and concrete opportunity, to sensitize the audience on social subjects. Fund raising and support possibilities can be spread on offline and digital media. Thanks to our experience in marketing for no profit and to our network of editors and companies, we can offer services and reports of our adv projects: that is the real proof of the goals we can make you reach.