Corporate barter

MediaXchange offers an innovative and highly beneficial tool for companies: the CORPORATE BARTER, i.e. the possibility of financing advertising campaigns through the sale of products, both physical such as consumer goods, and virtual/digital such as gift cards.

Companies activating this option are also able to valorise products that have been in their warehouse for some time, whether surplus or stranded stock, financing media buying activities in return. With what benefits?


No disbursement and safeguarding of company liquidity, protecting the Balance Sheet from loss-making
items or write-downs.


Positioning of the customer's products in new markets, especially foreign ones while respecting the concurred distribution agreements.


Emptying warehouse space occupied
by long-outstanding goods.

Thanks to more than a decade of experience in sell-in and sell-out and professionalism in the advertising industry, MediaXchange stands out from its competitors because it is able to provide a
quality, efficient and effective communication plan.

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